Background - The World of Nimressa

This is where we’ll eventually be putting flavour text that gives a broad overview of Nimressa (as it exists at the start of the campaign). Covering:

A Wonder of Nature
How Nimressa has always been about the veneration of nature… which is intense and hyper-real there, because of the connections with the Fey.

The Age of Legend
A quick overview of “ancient times”: the origins of the world (something to do with the Fey – details tbc); the times when great fey powers walked the land; the way great heroes rose up to oppose them and became something more than human (but not exactly gods) in the process. How gradually, over time, the Powers slept, or people found ways to placate or live in harmony with them…

Modern Nimressa
Life in Nimressa is, for the most part, good. The Age of Legends is long over, and most of the monsters and terrors that existed then are defeated. Even the occasional creatures who find their way into the world are a fraction as dangerous as they once were, and there are adventurers enough to deal with them.

Unbeknownst to the residents of Nimressa, though, the current age is about to come to an end. The arch fey, driven back to their courts near the end of the Age of Legends, have recovered their powers and and awoken from the slumber they had been trapped in. Once again do they intend to spread their influence through Nimressa and claim it for their own.

Nimressan Societies and Regions
Races of Nimressa
Nimressan Magic
Nimressan Spirituality
Flora of Nimressa
Fauna of Nimressa
And lots of other things we haven’t even thought of yet.

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Background - The World of Nimressa

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