Circuit Judges

With King Phamas II disinterested in ruling over his kingdom and vast stretches of wilderness resting between each village, town and city, the closest form Nimressa has to a central government is the circuit judges. Circuit judges spend the majority of their time going from town to town, handling local law disputes. Once each season, circuit judges convene in Penmerth with the Council of Stewards in order to discuss overarching problems or concerns they have become aware of in their travels.

Because arcane magic is both mundane and something that typically requires study beyond cantrips, circuit judges are often wizards who have either retired from adventuring or never took to it to start with. Because of this – while final judgement is left with the local mayor, particularly when it comes to sentencable offenses – the opinion of a circuit judge is typically held in high esteem, as they are considered a trusted source of logic and wisdom.

That said, circuit judges can be notorious for accepting bribes, to the extent that some villages rarely seek their guidance. They are also frequently prone to favouritism between the duchies, particularly in matters that cross from one duchy to another.

Due to their traveling nature and general awareness of the problems faced throughout Nimressa, circuit judges act as the primary contact for adventurers seeking work.

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Circuit Judges

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