Humans & Halfbreeds

Humans and halfbreeds make up almost all intelligent life in civilised Nimressa.

Halfbreeds are usually part of halfbreed lineages, rather than interbreeding in the last generation (this does happen occasionally but is passed off as part of a lineage that skipped a few generations).

The “half” is always Fey. The Court of Fire (orcs), Earth (elves), Water (celestials) or Air (fiends).

Halfbreeds aren’t hated or anything… but they’re often seen as rather second class, not entirely respectable, and there are a lot of generalisations made about them (e.g. the court of the air are quick to anger).

Other Races

Non-human races exist, though in smaller numbers within Nimressa itself.

Rather than created by the Arch Fey themselves, dwarves are believed to have been originally birthed from the earth and stone, though some claim that early humans in fact created them – a myth heavily refuted by dwarves.

Gnomes, on the other hand, are widely believed to have sprouted from areas where arcane magic is especially plentiful. Gnomes are thus most often found in Penmerth, where pursuit of arcane knowledge and experimentation is most common.

Halflings hold firmly to the belief that they were created by the Heroes as protectors of the hearth. They take this responsibility very seriously; the positions of local guards, priests and woodcrafters are frequently filled by halflings.

Bestial races such as tabaxi, kenku, and dragonborn are believed to have evolved from the familiars of Fey. While this sometimes earns members of these races mockery, Fey familiars were said to have been fierce and cunning, and some hold these races to high esteem.

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