The Realm of Nimressa

Nimressa is a realm filled with wonder and magic, so ingrained in society that it has become a part of every day life. Manticores may occasionally steal livestock, will’o’wisps beckon travellers deep into the woods at night, and everyone knows a cantrip or two, but everyone knows that the Age of Legend has long since passed and true dangers went with them.

The Age of Legends

Created eons ago by Arch Fey who rule over the planar system, Nimressa is a kingdom located in the world of Suriel. Immeasurably powerful beings, the Arch Fey were fickle and unknowable in their nature, as likely to favour the mortal denizens of their creation as to salt the earth and starve them for a lark.

Millennia have passed since brave mortals rose up and banished the Arch Fey from the Prime Material Plane. Their influence is still felt in the very fabric of life within Suriel, but it is subdued.

Modern Nimressa

Life in Nimressa is, for the most part, good. The Age of Legends is long over, and most of the monsters and terrors that existed then are defeated. Even the occasional creatures who find their way into the world are a fraction as dangerous as they once were, and there are adventurers enough to deal with them.

The Heroes who arose during the Age of Legends are now little more than myth; holy names who are called upon by Nimressans who need their bravery. The Arch Fey, too, have softened in memory, more respected and revered, than feared outright.

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The Realm of Nimressa

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