Character Creation

Standard Pathfinder rules except…

- No Sorcerors (or any class that uses Sorcerous magic :P)
- Yes to Gunslingers
- Yes to the Magus
- Yes to just about any specialist class that includes Arcane magic
- Yes to Warlocks/Witches: they get their powers from the Fey. Hint: THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.

- No races other than Human, Half Elf, Half Orc, Tiefling, or Aasimar.

House Rules

1. Minimum Int of 9 to multiclass into Wizard/a class with Arcane magic.
2. Every character, regardless of class, gets 2 Arcane cantrips at character creation. These never increase in number, and is superceded by cantrips gained from Arcane spellcasting classes.

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Character Creation

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