Societies and Regions

Rather than a central government or head of state, Nimressa exists as a land of largely unclaimed nature, with a single major city and many villages and towns of various sizes. Individual towns and villages are overseen by locally elected mayors, while the city Penmerth is ruled by a council made up of local guild leaders and representatives.

Because there is no central ruler, there are very, very few inherited titles within Nimressa. There are, however, a number of wealthy families with a history of using said wealth to keep themselves within positions of power.

The closest form Nimressa has to a central government is circuit judges. Circuit judges spend the majority of their time going from town to town, handling local law disputes. Once each season, circuit judges convene in Penmerth with the Council of Guilds in order to discuss overarching problems or concerns they have become aware of in their travels.

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Societies and Regions

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